Love is selfless… self is loveless…! These words are verbally magical. To comprehend the inner thought, it may be true. The current running world just splashes with speed and even no time to bother the brotherhood or neighbourhood. The impact of technology on human relations is probably the worst situation we are facing. The selfism has crossed its boundaries and manifested itself as materialism. The eyes that search will not find pain in others because they are visually fine but ethically blind. This is not a criticism but an undeniable statement. Even in this highly hectic and hard scenario, people with a noble vision and a heart full of compassion, lips that shower mercy are available like diamonds in this world. Living for ourselves is just a life. Living for ourselves and also holding or addressing the tears of others is the true human life.

Our Volunteer Mr. J Ram Charan residing at Palasa, Srikakulam Dt., A.P. is a diamond of above sort. He came to know of the suffering of a kidney patient by name Mr. Apparao being treated at CARE hospitals, Visakhapatnam. This patient is in great need of some support to set his health well because his daughter working in a tailor shop for just Rs. 3000 a month is the food provider of the entire family. With the initiation of our LAASA Volunteer Mr. Ram Charan, our foundation was able to assist Rs. 5000.

Our intention cannot be fulfilled but a few bricks can lift a great mansion at the least a bit. Loving is the highest asset that LAASA holds.

Loving All and Serving All,