Darken ways always admire a little ray. The way is washed out and drowns in the deeper darkness which will not allow our feet to step forward. Suddenly, the passenger fell aside by hitting a rock. This can be a major shock to him.

He finds a little candle in the way where it may not be carried throughout his journey but can show the light to at least a few steps.

Health as you all say it’s a wealth sometimes enters a darken path then the life becomes hell without any rejoice bell. Certain diseases will not carry any cause to attack us. The pathetic scenario of this illness is even loved by the miserable poverty. Purchasing the medicine and allowing the life to continue on is a tough task for any poor cancer patient.

Our volunteer Mr.M.RajeswaraRao came to know the most sympathetic conditions of Y.Nagaraju, a bone cancer patient at Dharmavaram Village, Srikakulam Dist. Doctors have given up the chances of cure for his disease and prescribed regular usage of costly medicine for this poor patient’s survivability. Our volunteer dropped this matter in the lap of LAASA. We immediately responded by providing at least one month medicine to this needy patient.

Living long life may be a desire but we deserve a healthy life. The moments we lead must provide ample satisfaction but the fate should allow the life to blossom and blossom. Let this world be free of tears and fears. This can be attained only with love. Hence, let us take the medicine of love to cure all illusions….