A gentle touch, a little fragrance, a cool feel -these are the admiring things. This world is a mixture of good- bad, healthy-unhealthy, beautiful-ugly…. The result of each deed provides us some feel at the end. This sometimes hurts us and sometimes hugs us. Each one of us will recollect that what we have done just after tasting the result of the deed. The chance of repair and set right may not be in our hands after finishing the result. Although we are clever, we cannot change the past.

Always tears are warm. We don’t know that where do they origin but our eyes are the screams and our heart is the witness for this sorrow pearls. We cannot totally wipeout the difficulty of any individual but we can standby and pat their shoulders whispering the courageous manthra encouraging them to lead and to live.

HIV patients really need this support from all of us. Our volunteers Vasavi S.R.K., Jagadamba S. taken up a task to provide nutrition food such as ground nuts, ragi floor, jaggery…. to more than 100 HIV patients at Visakhapatnam.

The feel of caring obviously have an impression over the minds of the sufferers. The pain of them cannot be taken out but at least for a little time let us paint their smiles with the colors of our love. We just try to make roses blossom on a land of dry. In fact, this effort is minute and momentary but lives as a memory in the hearts of many.