The word heart is known as hrudaya can be divided into hrud+daya. Daya means compassion. One heart that holds compassion can be called as true hrudaya. Many of us visit temples and other pilgrim centers to worship god. But have we ever gone through the scripts and texts of holy religion? They all say a single statement that the human body is a temple of god and the service that we do to needy is the real offering and worship to god.

From ages, till today many of these noble qualities are carrying forward by many virtuous people. All of them are following human values in order to define the true humanity just by their deed of selfless service. They do not expect anything except a loving smile on sorrowful lips. Such loving volunteers Mr.C.J.Rao, Ram Charan, Kurma Rao are serving 20 orphan children by providing food and shelter and value based education. They are rendering this service under the banner of Prashanti Sai Spiritual and service trust at Palasa, Srikakulam Dist., AP.

LAASA is proud to have those generous and kind hearted persons as volunteers of its foundation. On their request we the LAASA supported their selfless service by providing gas stove, cooker and mixer. We have fulfilled their dire need with a thought of brotherhood of mankind. LAASA has no barriers of any organization or any religion or any spirituality. Our goal is one and our path is one that is love, only love, the love alone. Hence, we love all.