All men will think of uplifting others but we must focus with ourselves in uplifting our attitudes and ideologies. We should have a firm determination in shaping our own attitude. This is tough task we do admit. But a serious perseverance to tune our inner world will definitely lead our mind to feel the proximity of divine bliss.

Happiness, peace and contentment…all these are the business of the inner world. They are not found anywhere in the outer physical world. Meditation, worshiping and serving…all these rituals are just instruments to deal the business in the inner world. The illusionary layers, the ignorant darkness will not allow even these instruments to search for the true bliss and peace just by removing ego, jealous and hatred may allow our rituals to find the true happiness.

Yes! This is penance. Do remember this is the actual spiritual practice we render.

With these views, our veteran volunteers Mr.P.Narasimha Murthy and G.SuryaRao had identified a both kidney failure poor patient Mrs.D.Kamalaat Sanivada Village, Srikakulam Dist. who is just 33 years old, suffering a lot with her disease and unable to meet the both ends in ways of food to her husband and her two kids.

We the LAASA had provided food under 100 day food project just to provide the sufferer a bit of comfort. This service does not provide anything in result to us, but as an instrument it allows us to taste the bliss and self-satisfaction which are not found in any sort of shopping mall. LAASA’s business is with inner world which motivates us to do-good in the outer world.