Expression is a boon given by god to all beings. We could say, without expression, revolve of creation is merely zero. To our human beings, this mode of expression has been graciously graced in way of words and speech. Our lips and the tongue are the thresholds to release the treasures of love from our inner platform. We must possess good words and utter positive speech in order to gain no pain status. This world is truly being ruled by motivating speakers. We should be one among them not for power but to shower love on our fellow beings. There are many things to be experienced, but there is only one life as witness to all of those experiences. Every experience will need one expression. Let this expression be lovable and merciful. We admire all for such noble qualities.

Keeping this content in his thoughts, our volunteer Mr.V.Dilleswararao wanted to express and experience the love by rendering a selfless deed. Mr.R.Appalakonda, resident of Nagulavalasa Village, G.Sigadam Mandal,Srikakulam Dist. is facing a miserable condition because of his poverty. His house was burnt in a fire accident while crackers were fired in a celebration.

We the LAASA provided food under 100 day food project. Our objective is to bring joy in the eyes of needy. Our motto is to ring bells in the lives of our brotherhood. As god has given us a beautiful sense, let us express our love as an essence to reach the bottom of a suffering heart.