Time is the teacher and the doctor, the ruler and the doer. We don’t know why it turns someone’s life and take them to the peaks and we don’t know why it punishes the fate of someone and dig their happiness and the depth of sorrows. But being human beings, we ought to show our humanity in form of care and share. This will give a little meaning to our living. The end of our life must have a few lines to write about us that what we did during when we are alive. Death is inevitable to any individual. Before hugging this angel of death, we must be able to witness at least a few selfless deeds which may not change the fate of needy people but comforts the sorrowful lives.

After all, life is a water bubble but it should shine with values till it floats. Do try to do-good. This will really and obviously make a note on our life and living.

With this noble thought in his heart, our volunteer Mr.P.V.S.Santheswararao had identified the most down trodden family of Mr.G.Mallesh at Hookumpeta (v), Gara (m), Srikakulam Dist. who is suffering from mouth cancer, wife suffering with T.B., both kids are suffering from hearing impaired. This family has been re-cursed by the fire accident which turned their little hut into ash. Nothing is left for them except a few tears. Gaining a food grain became a heavenly task.

We the LAASA with immense love and care, provided food under 100 day food project with true sense of humanity. Our effort is not to render help but to shower love upon the suffering family. There is only one medicine in this entire world which cures any diseasei.e.love. Hence, we love all and serve all.