Nothing is permanent in this world. The temporary things seemed to be permanent. The permanent elements seemed to be unimportant. This is because of the illusion of the human mind. But a real awareness will take out the darken layers from our minds. Look at the light within us. It always illuminates and provides us bliss. Let us notice the little difference between the permanent and temporary. Let us possess love and compassion in form of service and make ourselves the life-a meaningful story.

In this temporary life, permanent elements are universal and they are generated by the almighty for the welfare of mankind. Love, compassion, mercy, selfless help and service are the few that stays forever. They sustain in past as well as in future. Our job is to put them in practice and get good experience with its identity.

With these values, our volunteer Mr.G.Ramana had provided food under 100 day food project to J.Chinnammi living with her daughter at Edulavalasa village,Polakimandal,Srikakulam Dist. They are very poor, in deed they do not have proper food and medicine to take. LAASA is cherished by serving the needy family. Let us break the silence of untruth and non-permanent things. Let us pay attention in coloring this world with permanent values. We the LAASA are like a bank to hold these values and spread the message of universal love and peace through service. Each one of us is the embodiment of the divinity. LAASA is marching towards a permanent win by using the weapons of ethics and values. Thank you to all who joined and welcome you all who wish to join.