Contentment is the most precious wealth. Greed brings misery in return. Man loses his human quality because of greed and selfishness. Man must learn to be content with what he has and what he gets and look upon when he receives a gift from God. When he is satisfied with what he has, he can be happy. When he desires for more, he gets discontented and miserable. Whenever any worldly desires arise in the mind, treat them as garbage that should be thrown only. By this means, you will enter on the path of purity. Then the Divine will welcome you and fill you with bliss. The contentment is the only course that a soul has to undergo. We have to question ourselves with an introspective thought that what we are earlier, what we are now and what we will be. The answer will certainly struck our mind that a little number of people is aware of admitting the answer of the whole.B.Srikanth, a volunteer of LAASA is one of the spectacular people who provided food service in a noble way.
LAASA provided medical assistance to a 15 year old girl G.Haritha at Arasavalli, Srikakulam Dist. She is a poor, needy and a meritorious student, her father is a handicapped person and mother works as a maid for a few bucks. The foundation has taken up the responsibility to assist for her emergency appendix surgery.

None of us can even take a hand full of soil when we leave this body from this whole earth. Let us realize and rededicate and stand by the sufferer’s side.