Code : A00144

Project : Medical Assistance

Volunteer : Mr.S.Venu

Need : A poor lady patient suffering from chronic sinusitis.

LAASA’s Assistance : Provided medicines

Beneficiaries : M.Prasannakumari

Location : Old Bridge Road, Gujaratipeta, Srikakulam Dist.

Sacred scriptures like the Koran, the bible, the Upanishads, the ZendaAvesta, the GranthSaheb and others are worshipped in shrines today. But no attempt is made to live up to their teachings. People are forgetting the purposes for which these sacred books came into existence. By a mere study of the books no change can take place in our lives. What is studied must be put into practice. It is because of this dichotomy between teaching and practice that spiritual teachings have being treated with little regard.

Only when the feelings emanating from the heart, the words coming out of the mouth and the actions one performs are all in perfect harmony; will one’s life be based on truth. This truth can be bulit only on the foundations of true human values. The path of love allows the selfless deed to lay the foundation of human values. Hence, one ought to follow this noble love path on the wheels of selfless service. The journey can be called the eternal journey.

To have this kind of journey, our volunteer Mr.S.Venu has tried hard when he came across the family of M.Prasannakumari (24) who is a patient and not having proper medical care to keep up her health. She was suffering from a chronic sinusitis problem. Her mother and father are also patients and their wings cannot bring food to their family.

LAASA provided medical assistance to the poor and young patient and provided food under 100 day food project to this most deserving family at Old Bridge Road, Gujaratipeta, Srikakulam Dist. The fragrance in the lines of the holy books cannot be experienced just with a lip read; it can be enjoyed when we follow these lines in a practical way. LAASA feels that every human being must be a moving holy book not just because of holy speeches but because of worthy serving values.