Activity A000214

Project 100 day food programme

Volunteers Raghu sura& team

Beneficiaries A. Anadarao,&rupa(poor and needy patients)

Need disperate need even for food

Laasa’s support provided food provisions

Location Tamminaidupeta ,etcherlamandal, Srikakulam(district)

Every human is a loaded gun we shot love , hatered , likes, dislikes, anger, affecinate, caring, sharing, bullets, on others definetly these shots will have reactions love will gives life , hatered gives grief , anger kills our heart, care and share will be the beautiful heart .

Dear reader, god means g;- great, o;- observation,d;- device. The device observes not only our physical movement but alos our thoughts, secrets of our heart . in outer sense god is a divine camera which records your inner and outer world he is just a sakhibhuta a victiness we are route cause for each reaction we face. If we throw a flower we spread the fragments, if we throw a stone we break something both are in our hands let be good before we do good. Allow your inner self to take the sweetiness and the bitterness of your inner thoughts refine yourselveand become the true meaning of fine otherwise we must pay the fine .

Bring thought word and deed together that means mix tea powder , milk and sugar will get a good tea to drink with this sense of philosophy our volunteers Mr. Raghusura&team extended laasa support to A. anadarao&rupa (poor and needy patients) desiring patients , at tamminadupeta, etcherlamandal, Srikakulam (district).

We laasaprovided food provisions like a son feeding their own mother and father . laasa is like a son in providing light of love, and heat of care.