Service fills the Voids in Life

Project:Medical Assistance
Volunteer:VCS Suvarchala
Need:A poor father who works as a hotel waiter suffering from Liver infection
LAASA’s Solution:Provide necessary medical assistance
Beneficiaries:Deergasi Raju

“Death brings you in touch with the reality of life. Death creates a vacuum, a void and this void is fertile ground for the spirit to manifest. All talents, inventions and creativity spring forth from the void; creation has a tendency to return to the void. All places of worship in all religions are connected with places of burial or cremation because only the awareness of death can bring dispassion and can ground you in knowledge.

According to Indian mythology, Shiva abides in both Mount Kailasa and in Smashana. Kailasa means “where there is only celebration” and Smashana is the cremation ground—” where there is only void.” Divinity dwells in the void as well as in celebration. In you there is void; in you there is celebration…”

– Anonymous

The Voids of Life (even after the death) can be filled by one’s service to the society. LAASA’s recommendation is to serve the needful people.One such way to fill the voids is shown by our beloved volunteer VCS Suvarchalawho has identified a poor family where the father is working as a hotel waiter and was suffering from Liver Infection. LAASA has stepped forward to provide him necessary help by providing valid medical assistance.

LAASA salutes its volunteer VCS Suvarchalawho has identified such a deserved needful people because saving the life of the father of the family saves the whole family who depends on the him. As always LAASA is to Love all and Serve All to infinity and beyond.