Code : A000507
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : S Srinivasa rao
Benificiaries : Kantamareddy Thatha rao
Need : A Poor man need medical assistance
Location : Narapaka village, Achuthapram mandal
Do not wag or argue just for the sake of argument. Let your words be few, fair and felicitous. Soft speech adds sweetness to living. Even when you are engaged in discussion amongst yourselves, be short of speech and polite in behaviour. This is the token of best personality. Somehow we can say this is a valuable verbal service which is a strong foundation for a good deed. Witnessing these values our volunteer Mr. Srinivasarao had identified the most needy paralysed patient and served them with LAASA medical support
kantama reddy tatharao age-48, is a resident of narapaka village, achutapuram mandalam visakha dst . He belongs to a very poor family and got a paralysis stroke recently. We supported this patient by providing medical assistance. There are many needy who stretch their arms with a little hope that may someone fill something in their palms .We at LAASA possess our love like a flow from every heart which reaches many hearts and comforts many suffering hearts. This is what we do just only one thing that is