Code : A000540
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer: Vedula Kaliprasad sarma
Benificiaries : Kolluru Srinivas rao
Need : A poor family in dire need for food
Location : Gujarathipeta , Srikakulam
Tirtle : Doing good and being good
A light is a hope which shows the way not only to the person who carries it but, also to all who passes by human love is such magical and always its is great to experience . We at LAASA experience the sweetness of this kind through our every act we rendered a food and nutrition project to the mort down trodden through our volunteer vedula kali prasda sarma . kolluru srinivas rao, age-50 is a resident of gujarathipeta, ayappa colony , srikakulam. He was undergoing medical treatment for liver problem and brain nerve damage. His wife nagamani given up her job and is serving him at hospital. They have two children. This family benefited through LAASA food assistance service project.
Remembrance is of two kinds, the good and the bad. Good things will have a positive mark and the bad things will throw us into the negative field’s .doing god and being good is always admirable of all of us LAASA emphasis on this key note point.