Code : A000565
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Ganti kanakadurga
Beneficiaries : A.Kondala Rao and his poor family
Need : A poor man and his family need food & nutrition
Location : Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam Dist, Andhra Pradesh
Title : gift of divine
The service rendered must be free of the slightest trace of narrow selfishness. That is not enough. The thought of service, Seva , Springs out of love and it scatters love in profusion . We must occur ever thing with the sense of gratitude to the society this gratitude gradually develops the process of transformation in the social communal growth and development wishing and deciding a good society we the LAASA provided food & nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Ganti kanaka durga. Four members of a poor family are getting benefit from this activity. Mr.A.Kondala Rao, a pujari of Gujarthi pet area got a heart attack one month ago. With a meager income of Rs.1000/- per month, he used to manage before he was ill. Now he is not able to work for another one year. He has a wife, daughter and mentally retarded elder brother to look after. His daughter Sudha is a merit student who is pursuing her Diploma. She got 90 percent in 1st year and 2nd year. She is doing higher education, but all her dreams dashed when her father became bed ridden. Now, she is ready to do a small job to support her family. we the LAASA provide food and nutrition support to this deserving patients family.
Try to help others never harm anyone even with your thoughts the human life is a gift of Divine. That we happy and to make others happy LAASA emphasis on this very unique point and at our desk we do everything with the sense of this kind …