Code : A000591
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Gadili Mallesu
Beneficiaries : Karri Ammannamma
Need : A poor man need food & nutrition assistance
Location : Poosarlapadu
Title : Enjoy the love
Volunteers must not wait for chances of service to come to them; they must be look out for them, alert and ready and then, they can find them all around. It is the heart of the stone that blinds the eye, to the pain that other endure always try to reduce the pain and comfort the sufferers here we LAASA rendered such food and nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Gadili Mallesu. karri Ammannamma aged 60 years a poor widow needs food. As she is very old patient she cannot work and no one is there to take care of her except our LAASA. We LAASA provided food and nutrition project to this most deserving woman.
There is a famous quote that darkness cannot wipeout the darkness only light can do that task. Hatred cannot wipeout the hatred only love can do that. Love is a medicine for any disease, love is the life for any individual, love is the prime factor for a joyful existence enjoy the love by engaging in it through human service

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