A000570-Experienced and enjoyed

Code : A000570 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Bammidi kalyana chkaravarthi Benificiaries : Balivada Naresh Need : A poor man need medical assistance Location : mandapuram tekkali .,srikakulam Title : Experienced and enjoyed The Universe is seen; it can be learnt about it experienced and enjoyed. But, god is unseen. He has to be inferred through his handwork. Out of our selfless deeds we may experience the unseen divinity .here we LAASA pro

A000569-Worshipping humanity

Code : A000569 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Akkireddi Amaranath Benificiaries : I chandra shekar rao Need : A poor deserving patient need medical assistance Location : Bondilipuram , srikakulam AP Title : Worshipping humanity God is in every living being. Win the grace by worshipping humanity where love is moving in and through them. Feel his joy to be yours, his sorrow to be yours. This is owning the humanity and we may get this level o

A000568-Uplift Overselves

Code : A000568 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer : Nethinti Srinivasa rao Benificiaries : V Ramya Need : A poor family need food & nutrition assistance Location : Narasanapeta, srikakulam Title : Uplift ourselves Treat the person served as your own brother or sisters AS children of your own mother. Yet you feel as a special attachment to them. Why? It is sequence of love. This is called “vysudhyka kutumbam” the brotherhoods of

A000567-Help as much as you can

Code : A000567 Project : Educational Assistance Volunteer : Thangudi Sarada Benificiaries : madigapu thavudu Need : A poor man need educational assistance Location : balarampuram, lingalavalasa Title : Help as much as you can Help as much as you can , as efficiently as you can , as silently as you can, as lovingly as you can , leave the rest to god , who gave you the chance to serve, with this concept we LAASA rendered educational assistance eservic

A000566-In favor of poor

Code : A000566 Project : Educational Assistance Volunteer : Bompada Rama mohan rao Benificiaries : Baratam Joshna Need : A poor girl need educational assistance Location : Vambay Colony, Srikakulam Title : In favor of poor It is the primary duty of the volunteer to give up the thought of utility of an act of service to one’s self and consider service for the benefit of others alone as being truly selfless in character. Service without expectation of

A000565-gift of divine

Code : A000565 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer : Ganti kanakadurga Beneficiaries : A.Kondala Rao and his poor family Need : A poor man and his family need food & nutrition Location : Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam Dist, Andhra Pradesh Title : gift of divine The service rendered must be free of the slightest trace of narrow selfishness. That is not enough. The thought of service, Seva , Springs out of love and it scatters love in p

A000564-Service to humanity

Code : A000564 Project : Medical assistance Volunteer : Tejomurtula Venkata satya ramesh Benificiaries : Mantri Rao Santhosh Kumar Need : A poor man need medical assistance Location : : Kunchala Kurmaipeta, Srikakulam Title : Service to humanity One cannot cross the ocean of the cycle of births and deaths by visiting holy places, counting prayer beads or studying scriptures. It is only possible to do so by performing service. LAASA here provided a s

A000563-loving and serving the humanity

Code : A000563 Project : Medical assistance Volunteer : Puppala seetharamarao Benificiaries : Sambana appala naga prasad rao Need : A poor man patient medical assistance Location : srikakulam,bodemma temple street Title : loving and serving the humanity The bliss that is derived from such service is comparable. It is a spiritual discipline. The path of service that you have chosen now will lead gradually to the awareness that there is only one , tha

A000562-A good thought

Code : A000562 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Gundabala Mohan Benificiaries : Sambala Drakshyani Need : A Poor old  woman need medical assistance Location : srikakulam, Bodemma Temple Title : A good thought Today, we regard it derogatory to ‘serve’. We ridicule those who wish to serve others. But in the service there is great worth. Service helps us uproot the egoism that burdens us. service purifies an individual from the inner side it al

A000561-social responsibility

Code : A000561 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer : Himabindhu Nethada Benificiaries : Belamara Chandra Shekar Need : A Poor man need basic food & nutrition support Location : Balaga, Srikakulam Title : social responsibility Seva is the adoration of the lord, as having the multi faced form and Immanence in the entire universe, The word volunteer used here is “swayam Sevak “.our responsibilities are of three kinds one is the pers