A000010 – Rededicated to serve – Regular Cervical Cancer Screening Camp on 23-Feb-2014 by Dr Malathi & LAASA Team

Health Disorders are easy to deal when they were identified earlier thinking that prevention is better than cure. There will always be a light of hope even to the underprivileged. Without considering the living status of women, Dr. Malathi, LAASA Volunteer has taken up as charge to screen the cervical cancer in more challenging way. Dedicating time, resources for this noble cause, she had accepted the invitation of Satya Seva Organisations and conducted a

A000009 – Helping an Old Woman to survive – By Our Volunteer Parvathi

From ancient times man is the most social being on this Earth. We all are having the similar warm blood, the eyes, the heart beat. But today the modern society divides our fellow beings by status, cast. One gets happiness by just filling their belly with a little food. And one will not be satisfied even though they eat many items. For someone food electricity and shelter is a must need. For someone these are the needs but also luxuries. Why are we talking

A000008 – Let’s Love our Our Children – Distribution of Plates to School Children at 2 places in Srikakulam

Every person who provides us food, with respect (towards the Guest), devotion (in duty) and love (in action and expectation), is a reminder of our dear mother, who used to feed us, when we were young. It resonates with the wisdom of our elders, of our culture and our love for our fellow humans. Perhaps this is what our esteemed volunteers J. Bharathcharan, G. Murali, Bhargavigaaru and Mrs. Seethalakshmi had in mind, when they conducted this activity which

A000007 – Regular Cervical Screening Camps by LAASA Foundation

Every Person in this world has a desire or an ambition behind which they run to fulfil their vision. Man is not satisfied with the deeds that only relates to the domestic and professional affairs. There may be corner of love and lust towards the unknown society which can be simply defined as service. More or less everyone of us wants to help others atleat in a minimum possible way. But a few of us are able to keep our emotions and deeds put together to ma

A000006 – New Year 2014 Activity – Clothes Distribution by LAASA Volunteers on 01-Jan-2014

Never before, have so many hands come together, in one single act of Love. It was the wish of our LAASA Team, that on the night just before the New Year's beginning, all the Volunteers donate clothes or anything to any poor but deserving people. The response, was Overwhelming.. All the forms of this activity rendered... It rendered us speechless, when we came to know of it. If an movement, at its very starting of the career, was capable of a feat like t...

A000005 – Cold and Old Times saved with the Warmth of our Hearts – Donating Gas Stove & 2 Cylinders to Old Age Home

LAASA Foundation Wishes all its members and those reading our Activities a Very Happy New year of 2014. And there's no better way, to begin a new year, than to Illustrate the Will to live.. We are talking about a very noble effort, rendered by Mr. Suresh Urjapu, one of our esteemed LAASA Volunteers, who was responsible, for setting up a Gas Stove and two Cylinders at the "ASHRAYA" Old Age Home, at Isnapur, in Medak district, on the 30th of December, 2013.

A000004 – Vision of Pain, Cleared with Love – Medical Help to an Orphan Girl

A Great man once said, "Do either good, or evil, but dont watch, from the side-lines"... The reason this was said, was that Evil, erupts out, when it is too unbearable, when it is ripe to being destroyed and Good emerges as the victor, when it finally gathers the strength to destroy the ever rising evil.. It is being on the side-lines, that doesn't determine the course of this Universe. Perhaps that is what Padma, one of the Faculty of the Arasavilli Muni

A000003 – Will of Steel, filled with Love – Contributed Steel Mesh to Balasadan at Arasavilli, Srikakulam

Life is Perpetual… Eternal… Powerful… We see this every day and yet, perhaps, it is human, after all, to take something for granted, that thing, which exists right before our eyes. Some things are not seen, until the moment of desperation, the final moment arrives before our very eyes, about to be lost. Only a few, endowed with a will to keep searching, with a will to keep a quality, alive as a quality, see this every day. Blessed, we are, of LAASA, to b

A000002 – Blankets Distribution at Pune – By P Thejeswara Rao, Volunteer

It was a dark night with bitter cold as usual during the winter season at Pune. Two young men were walking down on the Road watching those sleeping on the footpath fighting against the shivering cold. They were not only homeless but also physically challenged and living with their children in these difficult conditions. The young men namely Thejeswararao and Mahendra beloved volunteers of our LAASA Foundation moved with the situation and made a request to